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Comau honored with Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile “All-win Cooperation Prize for 2016”

​Dongfeng Peugeot Citroen Automobile Co., Ltd. (DPCA), hosted Supplier Day in Wuhan. As an excellent strategic cooperative partner of DPCA, Comau was awarded the “All-win Cooperation Prize for 2016”. Andrea Messini, General Manager from Comau China Automation Systems – Assembly Line, attended this event and accepted the award on Comau’s behalf.

A long history of all-win cooperation
The cooperation between DPCA and Comau can be traced back to the first passenger car project after DPCA opened their factory. During the period of over 20 years, the scope of such cooperation has expanded gradually from powertrain machining to its assembly, from engine to gearbox and crankshaft, and even body welding. The cooperation is deepened every year, and with each collaboration comes all-win cooperation.

The “All-win Cooperation Prize” is not the only award won by Comau from DPCA. At the beginning of 2000, DPCA awarded Comau “Best Coordination” for the first time, and in 2010, DPCA granted “Special Services” to the company.
DPCA and Comau signed a strategic cooperative partner agreement in 2014, which indicates further reinforcement of cooperation between DPCA and Comau.

Cooperation is not only supply and demand, but even seek for all-win
The experience of the prize is concluded to be a rapid response for customers’ demands:
Rapid delivery and good quality of the machining line, rapid feedback for the modification of part drawings, and strong support for customers’ cost reduction.

The reason why the prize becomes an award of all-win cooperation does not simply reflect good relations between a supplier and a customer, but teamwork and mutual growth between two parties as strategic cooperative partners.

Duplicate experiences of success and serve more costumers
Long-term, all-around, and good cooperation brings not only awards to Comau, but also the greatest gain, namely, rich experiences in powertrain and body assembly as well as good relations with customers and mutual growth.
“We are deeply aware that successful experiences of mutual trust and growth certainly may expand into other customers. So we obtain increased orders for the company and provide better services for customers,” said Andrea Messini.


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