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Innovation in Powertrain

Machining & Assembly

Comau hat vor kurzem anlässlich der EMO Milano 2015, der internationalen Fachmesse für die Werkzeugmaschinenindustrie, eine neue Designphilosophie für Antriebsstrang-Fertigungssysteme eingeführ.

​A radical departure from the familiar appearance of the industrial automation systems typically used in factories, this new design is a futuristic, contained and attractive proposal that we hope will dictate a transformation of the traditional shop floor environment in terms of quality, precision, cleanliness and aesthetics.

Our new design concept is a direct response to the importance of industrial automation, and a testimony to the technological excellence of Comau’s offer. As a result, current and future products will be developed within a context that recognizes the importance of their design, not only in term of aesthetics but also functionality and ease of use.