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Move Ahead: Comau at Automate 2017

Comau launches a new product to be added to their portfolio of Robotics & Automation Products

​From April 3-6, Comau, a member of the FCA Group, will be exhibiting at Automate 2017, the broadest automation solutions event in North America.  Held every other year, Automate features the latest in cutting-edge robotics, vision, motion control and related technologies.  Comau’s booth, 1650, will be showcasing a mix of products and flexible solutions to enhance the automation needs of the industry.

“Move ahead” is the theme for Comau at Automate this year, representing Comau's commitment to expanding its product portfolio by developing new, innovative products and creating solutions in a variety of markets.

“Comau is committed to a new era of automation based on technologies and products that are open, intuitive and facilitate easy collaboration between humans and automation systems,” says Chuck Dudek, CEO Comau LLC. “These new products and systems ensure that manufacturers in any industry can benefit from Industry 4.0. As a global company with a strong presence in the U.S., we proudly demonstrate this innovative approach by introducing our latest products and technologies here in Chicago.”

Comau’s newest standard product is an innovative AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) platform that is flexible enough to be deployed across a wide range of manufacturing and non-manufacturing scenarios. Agile1500 is the first automated guided vehicle within the new AGV platform and fully expresses Comau’s open automation design approach.

Modular, scalable and completely re-configurable, Agile1500 can carry up to 1,500 kg with a maximum speed of 1.7 m/s. Thanks to these characteristics, the new AGV can significantly facilitate core operations including just-in-time and just-in-sequence production, as well as optimized logistic flows inside the factory, improved warehouse management and better overall production efficiency.

Agile1500 has a key role in the development of a new operating platform imposed by Industry 4.0. It can increase overall plant safety thanks to advanced security features. It also has an integrated laser scanner that stops the AGV upon detection of an obstacle along its route.

Comau will be showing two of its small Racer robot family members, including a Racer3 in the training cell and the Racer5-0.80. Both robots are built on the Racer3 technological platform and offer different solutions while sharing the same components and parts. The Racer3 has a payload of 3kg with a reach of 630mm and the Racer5-0.80 has a payload of 5kg, but has an extended reach of 809mm. Both can be floor, ceiling or wall mounted.

The new SCARA robots - the Rebel-S family - contribute to moving ahead in the industry, entering into new segments of the market, and aim to offer customers an extended range of robots for handling and pick & place applications. Rebel-S can be considered “rebels” because they enhance the Comau portfolio of articulated robots; they offer all 3 mounting positions and provide 3 different reaches (450, 600, 750mm) thanks to an extension kit composed of cables and spacers (modules which enable the robot to extend its radius of action).

From “rebels” to collaborators - Comau will introduce the AURA – Advanced Use Robotic Arm, an innovative solution for the collaborative robotics industry, to the American market. For the first time, a real cooperation between high payload robots and man is possible. AURA robots are powered by a special covering, equipped with sensitive areas which can simultaneously perceive the proximity and contact with a person, or any other automation component. Additionally, the system features: perception of tactile pulses, the ability to modify its trajectory accordingly to a contact, manual guidance, an integrated vision system which enables it to predict the movements of a person in the area of action, and the use of laser scanners to monitor the people it interacts with. The combined use of control, perception and predictive systems allows the machine to cooperate with man in any process or sector and without compromise; there is no need, for instance, to control vibrations.

Come see all that Comau has to offer this year at Automate at booth 1650!

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