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Spot welding machine

The solution that transforms the world of welding

Product Overview

Product Features

The Spot Welding Machine is a light, compact solution for welding cells and stations.

The Spot Welding Machine is productive, reliable and efficient. It perfectly meets the challenges of today’s global market, which coincides with Comau’s vision: to introduce a solution focused evolutionto the world of industrial technology.

The Spot Welding Machine opens the door to a new paradigm in welding. Today it’s possible to create new welding cells and stations that are highly dense, in order to increase the number of robots simultaneously in action.


Greater efficiency
Reduced operating costs
Lower cycle times

The Spot Welding Machine can be floor mounted or installed on the ceiling. The cell can be transported and installed as a complete unit to any location around the world, achieving optimal modularity and standardization of operational processes on a global level.

It is an integrated system composed of a welding gun with the flange connected directly to the robot without the need for any adapter kit.

The welding gun is equipped with a lighter transformer, which is rotated 90° compared to previous models. The result is a reduction of the size of the body and a shift of the center of gravity closer to the robot’s wrist.


Transformer: 83 KVA
Servo motor:
- 450 daNm max for X gun
- 700 daN max for C gun
Cradle: Fortal HR 70705 - T651
A new standard that can be installed and used with all robots, even as a retro-fit

Enhancements to the Comau Spot Welding Machine, have led to the development of an extremely compact, light robot that has maintained the same functional arm range as the standard Hollow Wrist Robot.


Payload: 90 Kg
Max reach: 2.2 m
Weight: 600-650 kg
Comau Hollow Wrist - Integrated welding gun

Robot: technical and operative features
COMAU NJ4 90 2.2 COMAU NJ4 175 2.2
Ax1 speed [deg/s] 170 110
Ax2 speed [deg/s] 125 110
Ax3 speed [deg/s] 160 110
Ax4 speed [deg/s] 200 180
Ax5 speed [deg/s] 260 140
Ax6 speed [deg/s] 255 190
Reach [mm] 2220 2206
Robot weight [kg] 630 1080