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Technology & Innovation

The Comau name is built on a strong tradition of excellence in technology and innovation. It is a history we pride ourselves on and is the reason we invest in future growth and development.

In short, we are working to develop the best ideas and turn them into real products and solutions available to our clients as quickly as possible.

Our goal is constant growth in order to continue delivering solutions that help our customers improve the performance of their businesses, today and tomorrow. We give our customers a competitive edge within their industry through new technologies that exceed expectations for cost effectiveness, productivity and quality.

To that end, we emphasize and invest in research and development. With the focus on new technology, our dynamic research and development process works to push our global benchmarks for advanced industrial products and solutions forward. Through our R&D activities, we aim to create value for our customers in the form of reliability, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Today, customers are looking to gain more value from their current investments, while becoming more environmentally friendly. Our products and services are designed to help them achieve these efficiency goals and we will continue to look for ways that we can improve upon them in the future.

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Comau Technology and Innovation