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Comau firmly believes that success can only be judged with respect to the way in which it is achieved. This is why one of our fundamental criteria for evaluating growth and development remains our progress in environmental and social sustainability.

We consider environmental responsibility to be an integral part of our business, affecting the entire company, and a necessary part of fulfilling our vision and mission. With the conviction that development in harmony with the environment is essential for long-term growth, we are dedicated to continually improving our performance in reducing our ecological impact.

Comau strives daily to improve energy efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gases at our offices and plants. Following a well-defined sustainability plan, we will continue to implement projects and changes that guarantee ongoing improvement.

Comau supports all aspects of sustainable development, including social sustainability. Our company values and practices are designed to equally promote the abilities and opportunities of all our team members. Comau management actively creates and maintains a positive work environment, which thrives on diversity, equity and interconnectedness, with the conviction that healthy communities are an important resource for current and future generations.