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Sustainability Strategy



The challenge to control polluting emissions and obtain a cleaner production process is the eComau mission. We work to archive this through ECO efficiency of the energy vectors in production lines and process optimisation (cleaner production).

Enhancing the rational use of energy from design to final material re-use

eComau is a global benchmark for eco-design & eco-manufacturing, working to reduce the effects of waste and pollution.
Through simultaneous engineering, and together with the participation of the energy process experts, we can optimise the energy use related to the production phases and find the best available technologies to adopt.

eComau offers an energy efficiency process plan for manufacturing companies that are moving towards “preventive solutions and cleaner production”. Comau has the know-how to conceptualise the entire industrial process, gaining a complete understanding through consultation, and is able to offer the best technical support, providing a full range of services to implement and maintain peak efficiency of the revised process.