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Our awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability has been the motivation for our research and development, seeking energy efficient automation solutions which substantially reduce energy consumption.

GREEN-FIT®: This is an engineered solution that is applied to an automation system which reduces your operating costs.

Brownfield Projects:

Green-Fit (Set of RETROFIT activities focused on energy saving goals applied to the machining & industrial process)


Our vast experience in process engineering, mechanical and controls engineering, manufacturing and system integration allows us to integrate leading energy management solutions for our customers. We align experts from various specialty fields to develop the appropriate Green-Fit® modifications to meet your project requirements. Green-Fit® is an actual engineered modification that is applied to an automation system to reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce your operating costs. This is done through process optimisation and machine control. The savings are archieved through the reduction in energy consumption.



The challenge of today's new plants is to use the most innovative processes and technologies, while considering the energy aspects related to production.
The highly specialised eComau team is able to meet the requirements of a market which increasingly cares for the environment and has high demands for achieving energy efficiency. We provide our clients with sustainable automation solutions that reduce energy consumption in manufacturing and production processes. This is accomplished through a comprehensive approach which includes detailed process analysis, process optimisation, and the implementation of engineered solutions and energy monitoring systems.

eComau Consulting

eComau consulting supports your company in order to achieve your production, quality and sustainability targets. Our highly skilled experts in industrial processes are able to assist and guide your decision-making analysis through the implementation of eComau's broad range of expertise.
Our main consulting areas are:

Green manufacturing (painting, metalcutting, assembly, body welding, automation... )
Green procurement
Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning (HVAC) Systems
Trigeneration (CCHP)
Renewable energy source application
Energy management
Sustainable design for architecture, engineering & construction

eComau has engineered and developed specific products and software according to the industrial needs related to energy monitoring and management.


The Green-Box is used to monitor and store data about the electrical, pneumatic and fluidic consumption during the automation processes for any kind of industrial machine. It can also switch the connected industrial machine to a “sleeping” mode when, for any possible cause, the production is stopped (e.g. lunch time, end of production batch….) yet keeping it ready and able to re-start the connected machine when the production is re-started.


The main Green-Box features are:

Reduction of energy consumption by up to 75% in non-productive times
Monitoring and storage of electrical, pneumatic and fluidic consumption data, setting the thresholds of limit consumption and checking possible failures of the machine
Easy stand-by management, can set delay time from 5 to 60 min. before the machine will be switched to stand-by mode
Volume changes, scalability
Short pay-back of Green-Fit® intervention, energy-saving retrofit, even with old machines and independent of manufacturer
Quick installation on the machine by your own maintenance technician, or by COMAU can install it for you
Download the energy consumption data using ethernet port connected to your LAN or your PC



The ecoSMART software (developed by eComau) has been developed to collect power, air and coolant consumption data, to enable energy saving interventions (for automation systems modified with Green-Fit® solutions), to save nominal consumption data, to give information related to eventual possible extra-consumption and to give information related to consumption within a specific time period. EcoSMART software can also be uploaded onto a laptop and used to analyse data collected with a Green-Box.


Process Energy Control System

PECS is a high-performance monitoring system. Through web services and IEC protocols it is able to interface to the smart grid for rate and other supply information.
The rate model configuration tools enable users to enter virtually any rate model that their utility contract defines, so that costs can be automatically calculated and recorded for comparison to budgets, past performance and for validation of actual utility bills.


Monitoring of consumption:

Electrical energy in kWh
Hot water in m3 and in kWh
Steam in m3 or kWh
Cold water for refrigeration in m3 and in kWh
Demineralised or osmotic water in m3
Compressed air in Nm3
Natural gas in Nm3


CONTROL: The PECS system allows the evaluation of consumption, line by line, and the comparison of data from different shifts and dates with an easy, user-friendly graphic interface
EFFICIENCY: The PECS system allows operators to make comparisons between the consumption of every single energy vector, giving feed-back in the form of graphics and specific consumption for body painting, allowing the evaluation of efficiency
AUTOLEARNING: At the end of every shift, PECS will automatically evaluate every single energy vector of the consumption, comparing it with the most similar past recorded shift in terms of external conditions and production rate. If consumption is higher over a programable range, an alert is provided.