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The Sustainable Solutions for Industry

From energy auditing to implementing the latest available technologies,

eComau is a business line of Comau SpA, the first company to be worldwide EN 16001 certified which represents the latest best practices in energy management. We offer energy efficiency consulting, engineered Green-Fit® modifications, along with sustainable products and services to help our customers enhance their automated manufacturing processes and reduce energy consumption.


  • Energy Efficiency Consulting

    eComau provides consulting services for industrial processes and supports EN16001 certification. We believe that comprehensive monitoring is the first step to streamlining an inefficient system. That's why our team performs a thorough analysis of each process before recommending the most cost-effective solutions. We can help you identify areas of energy consumption, decide on target energy reductions and implement an appropriate policy.

  • Green-Fit®

    Our experts develop tailor-made Green-Fit® modifications to suit your project requirements. These can be applied to automation systems in order to optimize processes and machine control, reduce energy consumption and ultimately reduce operating costs. We integrate turnkey engineering solutions and monitor the results to ensure your target is met.

  • Sustainable Products and Services

    Our products are developed specifically for energy management using the most advanced sustainable technologies. We offer cost-effective solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients – balancing production requirements with your sustainability target.


The eComau Team

The highly specialized eComau team offers sustainable manufacturing solutions for a market that increasingly demands reduced energy costs and carbon emissions. Our eComau specialists are trained to identify potential weaknesses and inefficiencies in the system, then find the best way to reduce energy while maintaining productivity.
Our skilled maintenance department keeps systems operating smoothly through dedicated, responsive service. Because we consider our customers as partners, we offer ongoing service agreements and periodic analysis and evaluations to ensure your system is always running at peak efficiency.​​​​​​​

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