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Service solutions to give our clients the competitive edge

Comau’s Service Unit is a global service provider and leader in industrial asset management and maintenance, delivering a complete range of services to help our clients achieve their goals and peak production efficiency. We guarantee reliable and efficient response, helping our clients to optimize their productivity and reduce losses, waste and maintenance costs.
With over 7,000 skilled service providers worldwide, we offer many technical and management solutions for production processes based on a modular approach. Comau Service works in a variety of industries and our services and solutions can be customized to local conditions and particular goals.

Integrated Asset Management

Comau is a partnership-oriented company; this means that we understand that our clients' productivity depends on the efficiency of their machines. Customers can count on us to always keep it running smoothly and performing at its peak. We offer solutions that integrate planning, engineering, maintenance and research to offer the best solutions for increasing the efficiency of equipment, both now and in the future.

We support clients in the following processes:

Maintenance Engineering Services
Productivity Solutions
Turnaround Planning & Management Services Operating
Specialized Maintenance Services
Predictive Inspection
Rotative Machine Maintenance Services
Instrumentation Management
Machining Line Maintenance Services
Machining Units Retrofit
Utilities & Production Systems Operations
Utilities Operation and Maintenance Management
Production Line Operation
Production Support Process Management
Industrial Waste Management
Maintenance Material Management
Facilities Management
Technical Cleaning Management

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