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Smart5 Arc4

The new generation in arc welding application.

Product features



Innovative technology meets market requirements: Smart5 Arc4, the new generation in arc welding application.

Better performance, an innovative robot family range, more flexibility, featuring Hollow Wrist technology:

all dressing cables of welding torch
housed inside the wrist
power consumption considerably
reduced in observance of absolute

Technical Features

Payload up to 5 kg
Maximum horizontal reach of 1,951 mm
Repeatability: 0.05 mm
Hollow Wrist technology

Model Smart5 Arc4
Number of Axes 6
Load at wrist (kg) 5
Repeatability ISO 9283 (mm) 0.05
Max horizontal reach (m) 1.95
Installation position Floor; Ceiling; Tilted (up to 45°)
Foundry version Not Available


Arc welding
Cosmetic sealing
Handling / Packaging
Machine tending
Measuring / Testing
Polishing / Deburring