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ATHOMO "Plug and Play" cell for Arc Welding

Product Features


ATHOMO is the new Comau Robotics "ready for use" robotic cell for arc welding

The ATHOMO consists of two Comau Smart5 ARC4 robots with arc welding dressing, a Smart PTDV positioner and a rigid fork-liftable base. These parts are pre-assembled together to create a single unit that can be easily transported with no need for disassembly and reassembly.
As well as stand-alone, the ATHOMO cell is the basic standard element for more complex systems with heightened levels of automation.
The ATHOMO cell has all the necessary components for function immediately.

Technical Features

2 Smart5 ARC4 hollow wrist robots with integrated arc welding dressing.
2 Fronius Trans Pulse Synergic 4000 power sources (optional TP 4000, TPS 5000 or CMT 4000).
Smart5 PDTV 750-2.0 double lathe positioner with vertical station changer:
- Payload per station: 750 kg;
- Distance between plates: 2,000 mm
- Rolling diameter: 1,200 mm
- As an option, there is also a PTDV 850-2.5 version available with 850 kg station payload and a distance of 2,500 mm between plates.
A single C5G control unit for simultaneous, integrated management of 2 robots and positioner (15 controlled axes).
Smart PAL Family
Cad files
Smart5 PAL 260-3.1 CAD (3D-ACIS)

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