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A partnership with Comau means increased efficiency and productivity. Our innovative technology, integrated solutions, turn-key systems and robotised cells, supported by highly qualified systems integrators, can help businesses in the automotive industry, among others, to be more competitive in today's increasingly fast-paced markets.
With over 30 years of experience, Comau Robotics is a world-wide figure as one of the leading suppliers of superior industrial robots, as well as robotised and integrated solutions.

SMART Robots

We offer a wide range of innovative robot types, six and multi-axes articulated robots, covering all payload categories and applications. Technologically advanced, reliable, flexible, and specifically tailored to our customers’ goals, our SMART robotised solutions guarantee optimal performance in several industrial sectors.
Comau Robotics features a broad selection of robot families – small, medium and high-payload, robotised cells and process-integrated solutions.


  • Solutions

    Our robotics solutions can be applied to a number of tasks including spot welding, arc welding, press-shop automation, foundry, handling/palletizing, sealing/glueing, plastic and remote laser welding

  • Robots Range

    Comau Robotics offers small, medium and high-payload, standard wrist and patented hollow wrist solutions


    Comau Robotics supply a complete range of industrial robots for up to 650 kg of payload, designed with a reduced footprint, large work envelope, highly precise movements and positioning, greater reliability and low maintenance costs.

    Small/medium payload (up to 60 kg)

    With payload from 3 to 60 kg., these models are typically used for arc-welding, machine tool tending, assembly, manipulating, sealing and polishing. One of the main feature is high repeatability (up to 0.05 mm), suiting all applications where high speed and precision are required.
    New SMART5 Arc4: an innovative robot family range in arc welding application, based on hollow wrist technology, with all dressing cables of the welding torch housed inside the wrist.

    High payload (up to 270 kg)

    SMART5 NJ family: with a payload from 90 to 220 kg, these models represent the latest art in mechanical design, offering top performance in terms of lightness, speed, robustness, and precision.
    All these models could be mounted in floor or ceiling positions.
    Robots from this family range are available both in the “standard wrist” version (NJ models) and the “standard wrist” version (NJ4 models). The innovative, yet long established, "hollow wrist" technology has been further enhanced in the SMART5 NJ4 models: the entire dressing is housed in the forearm, rather than externally as in conventional robots. This solution guarantees an unequalled level of performance and savings in maintenance costs, allowing 100% “off-line“ robot programming.
    Recently introduced to the market, new SMART5 PAL is the Comau robot specifically designed for all palletizing applications (payload 180 and 260 kg).

    Heavy Duty payload (up to 650 kg)

    Within SMART5 NJ family range, we have models for heavy-duty applications, with payload from 290 to 650 kg. SMART5 NJ heavy-duty models have the best-in-class ratio between max. payload, up to 650 kg, and reach, 3.0 m, with a floor space-saving base. Thanks to their specific features, these robots can operate over a wide working area and can be used for several applications: handling and machining in foundry industry, spot welding, polishing, grinding, deburring, heavy-duty palletizing, and pick up operations. close

Plus, in keeping with the Comau name, we guarantee prompt and flexible after-sales service. Our highly qualified and skilled team guides and assists customers, whether it be for immediate intervention or for long-term scheduled maintainable.

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