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Production Systems - Powertrain Machining & Assembly

Get it all in one

With more than 40 years of experience in the development, production and support of manufacturing systems, we are a full-service solutions provider covering all of our customers' advanced manufacturing needs.

The expertise and process knowledge of our skilled team and Comau’s proven technology enable us to develop solutions that meet, and exceed, the demands of a wide range of industries. Comau is one of the few solution providers that masters the three processes: Machining, Assembly and Test - from concept to customer care.


  • Machining

    A wide portfolio of modular machines and the expertise in machining processes make us a leader in the development of flexible solutions that can efficiently boost the performance of production facilities

  • Assembly

    From manual assembly to fully automated lines, everything can be realized and customized. Our assembly systems are characterized by high flexibility - every single item is designed and developed to be reusable and easily changed

  • Test

    At Comau, we know that each system is different and each customer has specific requirements to be addressed. That is why we provide highly customized solutions based on unique situations


Solutions for the world of manufacturing

Our system success has been based on synergy between the different branches of engineering, process engineering experience and our proven system integration capabilities. Today, Comau continues to work to improve and optimize the process technology solutions that we offer for many industries, including automotive, railway, nuclear power, renewable energy and more.

We are with you at every step of the way - from raw components to high-quality finished products. Our long-term partnership with our customers includes the guarantee of optimal system utilization, full support throughout the production life and convertible solutions to extend the system's life cycle, such as retooling or refurbishing.

When we say ‘the world of manufacturing,’ we mean global in every sense. We consider vicinity to our customers a competitive advantage; that is why we are continuing to expand our global presence. Growing along with our customers, we can be sure to offer quick, efficient response and relevant solutions with respect to market demands and local context. We want our footprint to overlap that of our customers, to meet their specific needs where and when they arise.

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