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Project Management Academy

The philosophy of business development

At Comau, we believe that knowledge is the foundation for continual improvement of company processes and a team’s skill base. Through education, we can achieve better business results.
Since 2007, the Comau Project, Program and Leadership Academy has trained more than 450 people both within the Comau Group and externally. The mission of the PM Academy is to strengthen program and project management skills on both the individual and organizational levels.


  • Instruction

    The academy uses classes, knowledge sharing and cooperation with other institutions as a means of instruction, focusing on process skills, leadership, conflict management and problem solving. PM Academy courses, run by resident PMP trainers, are based on the mix of the longstanding Comau experience with complex projects and recognized project management practices.

  • Reach

    Comau PM Academy can provide courses in various locations around the world, with local PMP® instructors. Courses are targeted to professionals either involved in Project Teamwork or working for a project-oriented organization and they are now open to all automotive industry professionals.


PM Academy Certifications

  • The PM Academy is a certified REP® - global Registered Education Provider, officially recognized by the PMI®, Project Management Institute, the largest international professional project management association.