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Laser Welding / Brazing / Cutting




Nearly three decades of experience makes Comau the right partner for a variety of jobs, from simultaneous engineering - product and process development - to the standardisation of flexible laser systems, producing quality results with high productivity levels.

Comau is considered a real world-wide leader for competences in laser process definition and specific tool design.

Comau Group has been involved in laser applications since 1985, and presently there are more than 80 systems in production.

We have one global team with experienced senior engineers based in the USA, Europe and China and two fully functional laser labs in Italy and the USA for testing and prototyping.

Comau offers turnkey solutions for laser applications like brazing, cutting and welding; integrating technologically advanced standard products and laser equipment.

Comau is the undisputed leader in remote laser systems, for which we provide innovative solutions by integrating the latest generation of SmartLaser C5G Robots. SmartLaser™ is the only remote 3D laser welding robot operating in the world.

The patented Comau system integrates remote laser focusing and addressing module with a standard anthropomorphic robot from the NH series. The result is a laser welding system, which combines robot motion versatility with the exceptional potentiality of the best performing, high-speed and extremely accurate laser technology, and is controlled by means of a single control unit.