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Product Overview

Product Features

Versaroll is a self-contained manufacturing machine for large assemblies. Closed loop encoder control enables high-speed part transfer and high-level-positioning precision.
Mainly used for bodyside and underbody assembly lines, it is made of a full set of compatible standard components that can be assembled in configurable stations (load, seal, weld, geo, etc).

Since 2003, many applications have been sold to the main car makers and installed in the USA, China, Mexico and Europe for underbody and bodyside.

Up to 4 models flexibility
- 6 seconds “Y” translation of geotods
- 2250 kg for each GEO tool
Closed-loop control solution – VersaDrive and VersaCoder
- High-speed transfer – reduces the number of stations required
- No switches for transfer – high reliability
- No adjustments required – simple to maintain
- High positioning precision (+/-0.5 mm)
High transfer speed: 6 seconds with 1125kg (“X” direction)
914mm lift/lower (competitive robot clearance)
Up to 6 robots per station to maximise welding capability

Global product experts guarantee engineering/process support. World-wide distribution is available with the proper support

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