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Adaptive Solutions

From concept to installation: concrete solutions to emerging manufacturing needs

Comau Adaptive Solutions is a world-wide leader in industrial automation technologies. Our goal is to help our customers to compete in fast-paced markets with emerging demands.

Based on the concepts of Lean Manufacturing, our solutions are flexible, scaleable, and lean, designed to help companies improve their competitiveness in terms of cost, quality and service. As always, Comau support is complete - guiding customers through line installation, to start up and evaluation.


  • Multi technologies competences

    Working closely with our customers and focusing on their production needs, we are experts in designing and building innovative, customized solutions for a wide variety of industries. Through our nearly 40 years of experience in line manufacturing, we have become more specifically specialized in the commercial vehicles, construction, agricultural, mining, passenger rail, freight rail, solar and wind power industries.

  • Processes Management

    Starting with the concept definition, through on-site installation, we take care of design, engineering, manufacturing and procurement. Comau provides concrete solutions for specific needs including frame welding, mechanical components assembly and high-precision metal cutting.


Our Proven Processes

Comau Adaptive Solutions streamline processes to reduce waste in the form of time, space, transportation and resources – an advantage for any company seeking an edge in the market.

Starting from value stream mapping, identifying weak and inefficient points, we create the process from the ground up - setting high, yet realistic targets for new lines. We are able to develop the supply chain, make the desired machinery and tools and create a process prototype. With our strong background in process analysis, mechanical and control engineering, manufacturing and systems integration we can define the most adept strategies and find the best solutions for each particular case.

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