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Vision and mission

At Comau we aim to take technology to new levels in order to meet the changing needs of our customers. Our mission is to realize industrial solutions engineered by design to achieve results and support our customers from the idea, to the project and beyond.

Holding reliability and flexibility as our most important values, we work daily to anticipate our customers’ needs, exceed their expectations and achieve competitive and profitable results together. With creativity and imagination, and a concrete approach to cutting-edge technology, our policy is to assist our customers at every stage of their business, overcome obstacles and produce winning solutions.

Our awareness and commitment to environmental sustainability are the reasons for our ongoing investment in research and development and our constant efforts to develop new energy efficient automation solutions and methods to substantially reduce energy consumption.

Comau is a global leading provider of engineering solutions and our vision is to continue to improve upon our products, processes and services through the application of technological and innovative solutions.

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