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Project Management

Managing Multinational Projects with Success

Facing the challenges of a world which is continuously changing at a faster and faster pace, dealing with a relentlessly increasing degree of complexity in our projects, experiencing the need for a global, and yet necessarily local approach to the business - these are the motivations behind Comau Project Management.


  • PMO (Project Management Office)

    The Project Management Office (PMO) of Comau has been designed to offer internal services, based on the concept of business partnership.

    It consists of a network of eight Country PMOs, working virtually and reporting to the Comau PMO Manager, acting at the corporate level under the direction of the VP of Contract & Project Management.


    The scope of Comau PMO covers, but it is not limited to, areas such as:

    Project Management Methodologies & tools
    Project Management Professional Family Management
    Organisational Learning & Knowledge Management
    Project/Program/Portfolio Governance
    Business Partnership

    These aim at promoting the project management culture, enhancing global organisational maturity, improving the ability to act as business partners in order to care for professional family development, support project teams, facilitate interaction between teams and functions, provide methodological support for running internal initiatives and assist top management by providing reliable information and data for sound decision making. In short, the PMO is a reliable business solution for solid company growth and improvement.

    The Comau PMO is constantly pursuing opportunities to set the bar for internal best practices among other global players, working to establish stable and fruitful relationships with other industries, organizations and academia.

    A particular focus is given to the management and the development of the Comau PM Family, i.e. all the professionals involved in project activities within the company, fostering a sense of unity, drive for excellence and strong, winning integrity.

  • Risk Management

    In 2006, Comau began addressing risk management with a more focused, strategic approach, recognising it as an essential part of successfully completing projects. Risk management includes planning for, assessing, handling and monitoring variable factors to ensure favourable outcomes.

    In 2010, the Risk Management function was added as part of the Contract & Project Management office, with the expressed purpose of improving performance in the global business environment and handling increasing of project size and complexity better, while providing internal support and governance to all ongoing projects/programs throughout the different business units within the company and the different places in which we work.


    Effective risk management is proactive, identifying issues that can potentially impact a project and working to diminish or alleviate their consequences, rather than being reactive as in crisis management.

    The scope of Comau corporate Risk Management is:

    Definition of corporate risk management rules;
    Improving risk management approach throughout the project’s life cycle;
    Perform Project Risk Assessment (Project Health Check);
    Provide support to business units/Profit Center for risk management in bidding
    Collect and review risk related lessons;
    Provide support to business units/Profit Center for risk management at the portfolio


  • Contract Management

    Project Management is also aided by Contract Management which increases both customer satisfaction and supplier performance through designing clear and well-balanced contract agreements. The goal is to guarantee efficient project execution by focusing on common expected project goals and utilising competent, fair negotiation.
    Contract management specialists, located in our main geographical business areas, combine legal and project management skills to support sales and project managers, as well as legal and finance staff functions. Knowledge of specific local laws and regulations allows it to work with all Comau business lines worldwide during bidding, execution and closing phases.


    The scope of central Contract Management activities is to ensure the project is carried out as requested by the customer and that items are provided by suppliers according to jointly-agreed upon contracts.
    The main subjects addressed by Contract Management activities are:

    Contract understanding; where the agreed upon original intent, engagement
    and responsibilities of the contractual parties are unilaterally and clearly described;
    Contract completeness; where every kind of incoming project need can be
    managed by agreed rules;
    Contract matching; where, in complex project reality, that includes many business
    parties between the customer, suppliers and all of the sub-suppliers, it is
    fundamental that all contracts regulating the whole project perfectly fit together in
    order to avoid lack of expectations main origin of project disruptions;
    Contract modification; where both of customer and supplier,
    have a mandatory requirement to come to any contract agreement, at which they can
    modify agreed needs during the time of the project, it is important that common
    agreed upon rules to update the contract according to their new needs exists;
    Disputes and claims; where, on a project it is not possible to find an agreeable
    solution regarding the impacts of a project disruption, there are professionals
    defending each contract party view with respect to accepted obligations;
    Contract closure; where any contract has to be ended in fulfilment of agreements;
    Lesson learned; where every past project can constitute opportunity for
    improvement and gaining expertise. It is necessary to share and implement previous experience in future contract agreements and, in general, employ it within
    the company by changing and updating policies.