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Facts and figures

Comau has become a company with global impact. Over its nearly 40 years of business history, we have integrated 20 companies in our effort to become the ideal partner in developing and realising sustainable automation and service solutions able to single supply products, complete systems, innovative services and all-around customer support.

Working in 25 different operative centers, running on 15 manufacturing plants, and operating 5 research and development centers, Comau employees more than 13,000 people worldwide, including 11,000 in emerging countries. Plus, with 102 PMI® certified project managers, we are able to guarantee the general high-quality that Comau customers have come to expect, while offering specfic solutions customized to cultural and market needs. The entire Comau team currently spans 15 countries and it is the hardworking and highly skilled people who work with Comau which have made our successes possible.

Today, Comau has more than 100 patents to its name and all major automotive manufacturers currently use Comau's wide range of cutting-edge solutions and technology at their facilities all over the world. In the field of Aerospace, we provide systems for drilling and riveting. We are in the energy industry, automating the process for manufacturing solar cells. And our service branch is a successful provider of industrial maintenance services to different industry sectors.

The winning combination of modern technological know-how and long-term experience is the strength behind the Comau team and it is also why companies of all sizes, from all over the world, operating in a vast range of industries, have chosen Comau solutions and services.



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