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The Specializing Master in Industrial Automation Restarts

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Introducing a new paradigm in Comau Robotics

Production Systems -
Body Assembly

Comau is leading the way in advanced production systems for full vehicle body and components manufacturing and turnkey body shops. We have the most cost-effective body welding systems in the world suited for a broad spectrum of industry applications.

Production Systems -
Powertrain Machining & Assembly

Comau is a unique provider in the advanced manufacturing field, able to support the entire production process with modular machines and machining systems, assembly systems and a range of product performance simulations and test evaluations.


As a top global manufacturer of high-quality industrial robots, we offer a broad range of technologically advanced robotized solutions designed to maximize our customers' productivity in response to challenging market demands.


Comau Service is a benchmark in manufacturing services and asset management through professional maintenance partnerships. We provide maintenance services for equipment and production processes, ensuring competitive solutions and high standards.

Adaptive Solutions

Comau Adaptive Solutions is your partner for industrial automation technologies. Our manufacturing solutions are designed and built around specific production needs, streamlining processes to improve quality, while reducing waste and cost.

Aerospace Production Systems

Comau Aerospace is a cutting-edge innovator for integrated manufacturing solutions that help reduce production costs and increase productivity to compete in challenging aircraft and aerospace markets.

eComau: sustainable
solutions for industry

eComau turns environmental responsibility into real savings for our customers. With our line of energy efficient automation solutions and services designed to reduce energy consumption, our clients can reach their sustainability goals.

Project Management Academy

The Comau PM Academy works to strengthen program and project management skills for individuals and organizations. Focusing on continual business development through education and training, we bring synergy to strategy and execution.

  • Automotive

    Operating with decades of experience in the automotive industry, Comau provides an array of manufacturing products, services and energy efficiency solutions

    Commercial Vehicles

    We provide concrete solutions for the commercial vehicle sector in the form of adaptive solutions, energy efficiency services, powertrain systems and services

  • Heavy Duty

    Industries like mining, construction and agriculture rely on Comau for adaptive solutions, energy efficiency services, powertrain systems, services and robotics


    Building on more than 25 years in the aerospace sector, our offering includes powertrain machining systems and drilling and riveting equipment

  • Public Transportation

    Comau addresses emerging needs in public transportation through a variety of specialised adaptive solutions


    Comau supplies innovative products in this field, from adaptive solutions for defence vehicles and artillery to drilling and countersinking equipment

  • Recreational

    Innovative adaptive solutions by Comau help those in recreational vehicle industries to be more competitive than ever


    Comau offering & competences serve the energy industry, covering a wide range of adaptive solution and powertrain needs