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Sixth edition of the Master for future automation and Industry 4.0 specialists

The opening ceremony for the Sixth Edition of the second level Specializing Master in Industrial Automation by the Politecnico di Torino, organized together with Comau and Prima Industrie and financed by the Region of Piedmont, was held at 9.30 am, today, in the Consiglio di Facoltà Sala at the Politecnico di Torino. In addition to strengthening the educational and professional offer that has been successfully proposed since 2012 and has resulted in Comau’s indefinite hiring of more than 90 students, the new edition will start by hiring 22 new employees for Comau and 3 for Prima Industrie. The newest edition of the Master also includes several important developments that will provide participants with the right tools to understand and drive the changes taking place within industrial production processes.

Industrial automation is a challenging market in continuous expansion, and requires highly specialized professionals with elevated technical and managerial skills. The goal of the program, therefore, is to invest in young, talented graduates by giving them the opportunity to develop these skills directly in the field.

From the start of the two-year program, the training focus will center on Industry 4.0, which is also known as the “fourth industrial revolution”, and the related, enabling technologies that are increasingly affecting – and transforming – the international industrial manufacturing panorama.

The principle novelty of the 2017-2018 edition is the introduction of three different specialization paths, all marked by both classroom and on-the-job activities: a focus on innovation, one on product development and a more operational course focused on project management.

The master’s program is structured to include both academic and work formation, and facilitates the direct hiring of the best engineering graduates from Italian and foreign universities by Comau and Prima Industrie, via a high-apprenticeship contract. The course is conducted entirely in English and consists of 540 hours of lessons during the first year and 660 hours devoted to project work in the second year. Lessons are taught by top managers from Comau and Prima Industrie, and by professors from the Politecnico di Torino.

As noted by Mauro Fenzi, CEO of Comau, “Our company has always believed in the value of young talent and their important contribution in the realization of new solutions for the industry; an industry that is experiencing a period of great transformation. I am referring, in particular, to the challenges imposed by the new paradigm of Industry 4.0, upon which this year’s edition of the Master is centered. In a world influenced by new digital technologies, it is increasingly necessary to develop the skills of a new generation of professionals able to manage them within the culture of innovation. Comau is ready to accept the challenge and, together with these new professionals, become the protagonist of this change. For this reason, we continue to organize, for the sixth consecutive year, the Master program, in addition to other Comau Academy learning programs. Among them, and once again in the field of Industry 4.0, the new Master in Manufacturing Automation & Digital Transformation will start in late March. This new master’s program is aimed at companies and managers who industrial automation want to acquire the skills needed to cope with the digital transformation taking place in the sector.”

“Thanks to the Masters in Industrial Automation and Additive Manufacturing, organized in 2016 with Comau and the Politecnico di Torino, 6 young talents have become part of our group,” adds Gianfranco Carbonato, Executive Chairman of Prima Industrie. “Our participation in the new editions confirms our belief that the new generations will be the bearers of the innovative approaches and new energies that companies need, and that the Master is an excellent tool for meeting, selecting, and training them. It is important that the Master this year is focused on the Industry 4.0, as autonomous systems, the integration and interconnection of machines and companies, Additive Manufacturing, Big Data, Cloud, IoT and augmented reality are becoming more widespread in manufacturing and will undoubtedly be the production pillars of the future.”

Carlo Rafele, Director of the Master School and Continuing Education of the Politecnico di Torino continues, “In recent years the educational model has been profoundly transformed. The Politecnico di Torino is committed to offering innovative training methods, both in terms of the teaching composition, in mixing classroom components with those on the job, and in terms of distribution techniques, including e-learning, video streaming and advanced works team. But it is not enough. Just as research is increasingly conducted in partnership with business, teaching must be designed in collaboration with business needs. The goal is to reduce the insertion time into the labor market, with training content that can be rapidly utilized, by executing business training in parallel with academic formation. The apprenticeship courses are funded by the Region of Piedmont, which gives us the ability to configure a formative model that is already bearing fruit thanks to solid, longstanding partnerships such as the collaboration with Comau and Prima Industrie. All this allows us to propose the sixth edition of this training program that has been consolidated over the years and has enabled a many young people to enter the labor market in a direct and effective way.”

Giovanna Pentenero, Assessor of Labor and Vocational Training for the Piedmont Region noted, “The Piedmont Region has decided to bet on high apprenticeships, which represent an important opportunity for young people to learn by linking university education with business training, by budgeting € 5 million, until 2018, to finance training courses directed at about 500 students. In addition, the regional government has decided to create a synergy between the contractual instrument of the high apprenticeship, applicable to all academic courses, and the research programs funded by the European Regional Development Fund. This allows young people to be inserted, for example, in Industry 4.0 courses, as in the case of Comau, or in projects for the industrialization of research, green chemistry and healthcare. To date, about 1,000 youngsters who participated in formation courses ranging from Superior technical education to Degree, PhD, and Level I and II Masters, have been hired as high apprentices in Piedmont. The educational and employment outcomes are very positive: 94% of young people who completed the training course were awarded the diploma and 100% of apprentices were confirmed by the companies in which they completed their apprenticeship.”

Ezio Fregan (Comau Training Manager) launched the opening ceremony of the Master, followed by the airing of a video that condenses the cornerstones of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, leitmotiv of the entire program. Afterwards, the “Essay Experience” of participants of the fifth edition of the Master were shown together with the project work conducted by students of the fourth edition and coordinated by Massimo Ippolito (Comau Innovation Manager). Luca Iuliano (Politecnico di Torino - scientific coordinator of the Master) then presented the new structure of the Master. The introduction of the sixth edition and presentation of new participants for the 2017-2018 biennium was entrusted to Luca Civitico (Comau HR Business Partner EMEA & BU Automation Systems) and Fabrizio Cau (Prima Industrie Divisional HR Manager - Vice President). To close the meeting, the interventions of Marco Gilli (Dean of the Politecnico di Torino), Carlo Rafele (Director of the Master School and Continuing Education of the Politecnico di Torino), Donatella Pinto (Comau Head of Human Resources), Ezio Basso (Prima Industrie Managing Director), Giovanna Pentenero (Assessor of Education, Labor and Vocational Training for the Piedmont Region), and the graduation ceremony of the fifth edition.

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