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Comau’s AMICO Robot takes a starring role at the Science Museum in London

Comau is proud to announce that its humanoid robot, AMICO, is one of the protagonists of the Robots exhibition being held at the Science Museum, London, from February 8 through September 3, 2017.  The special temporary installation looks at how people have historically used robotic forms to define the nature of their own humanity. Robots features a rich mixture of artefacts, working installations, and commissioned artwork within a 700 m2 exhibit that is divided into 5 thematic sections: Marvel, Obey, Dream, Build, Imagine. Comau's AMICO, which is on loan to the Science Museum for 9 full months, will be displayed with the Imagine pavilion.

AMICO is a technical and communicative concept that emphasizes Comau's vision of increasingly collaborative robotics. Its humanoid form was chosen to represent the robot's ability to work in small spaces with the maximum precision and flexibility. Based on the company's Racer3 technology, AMICO is equipped with two arms, two hands with three fingers each, a moving head and two eyes. It features a clever mix of technology and design, and demonstrates how the small, Racer3 robot can be mounted in virtually any position, and can bend to reach the surrounding space. Built entirely in aluminum and magnesium, Racer3 weighs just 30 kg and features a maximum reach of 630 mm and a payload of 3 kg. 

Robots is the fourth in a series of world-class temporary exhibitions that target a sophisticated adult and family audience. The event will also form a part of the Science Museum's international touring exhibition program. Following its inauguration in London, Robots will travel to Manchester for six months and then on to Singapore and Sydney.

As described by the Science Museum, the exhibit features a unique collection of over 100 robots, from a 16th-century mechanical monk to robots from science fiction and modern-day research labs. Set in five different times, Robots explores how religious belief, the industrial revolution, popular culture and dreams about the future have all shaped society through the incredible robots on display. Recent developments from robotics research are also on show, encouraging visitors to imagine what a shared future with robots would be like and showing them the latest humanoid robots in action. 

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