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Comau Wins the Annual Excellent Supplier Award of Fujian Benz with Great Honor

On Nov. 2nd 2016, Comau was awarded the 2016 Annual “Excellent Supplier Award” as a supplier of a welding production line for the VS20 workshop of Fujian Benz, the manufacturing base of commercial vehicles subordinate to Daimler AG.

This was the first award for system integrators after the establishment of Fujian Benz.
In 2014, Comau won the bid of welding production line for the VS20 workshop of Fujian Benz, including side skirts, baseplates final assembly, and became the most important project of Fujian Benz this year. This is a whole package project which is newly manufactured and transformed on the basis of the NCV2 assembly line undertaken by one German systems company. As a restructuring of a historical project, the original project’s lack in the support of any historical drawing was a particularly difficult problem, and relevant technical data was seriously deficient. Comau put a special effort in surveying and mapping data collection. Through three years of unremitting efforts, Comau successfully transformed the VS20 production line so that the sales volume of the VS20 had continued marching upward.

To successfully complete this project, Comau formed a highly qualified technical team consisting of many people devoting themselves to the project. They spent more than 3 months at the customer site to respond to the customer’s demands at any time.

Zhang Lie, General Manager of Automation Systems, said “From Fujian Benz’s worry and doubt three years ago to the awarding of the excellent supplier award for system integrators shows that Comau’s welding technical team has been highly recognized by the customers. They also won the trust and appreciation of three parties (Fujian Benz Germany and China) thanks to the outstanding performance in technical support at the customer site, quick responses of the team, local services and more.”

The Comau’s skill in the field of commercial vehicles refers to dealing with dual demands of flexible manufacturing and heavy structures using our techniques and delivering the solutions ensuring high performance and low cost.

Comau and Fujian Benz will continue on the path to win-win developments and march even further into the global market! 

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